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About Signature
Created by a group of like-minded agency owners in 1956, Signature Travel Network ® has continued to attract the travel industry's most successful and prominent retailers. Signature's member-owned network supports more than 6,000 front-line travel consultants, who collectively generate sales in excess of $5 billion annually.
Signature brand
Signature's marketing is singularly focused on the individual member's identity. Simply stated,
it's all about your brand. Signature creates a number of consumer privileges in all areas of the business - from exclusive benefits, to email marketing to direct mail brochures — that are personalized with your own agency identification. Signature's approach is a true white label
to enhance your own brand.
Key to Success
Signature's success is driven by a management team with decades of experience in understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by front-line travel consultants and agency management. Signature listens to members and quickly adapts to market changes in a manner that reflects and supports each member’s unique business model and objectives, always striving to do for members what may be difficult for them to do for themselves.
Preferred Suppliers
Signature has partnered with some of the top cruise lines, tour operators, wholesalers and hoteliers, providing members a wide range of unique privileges that help close sales and build client loyalty. Take a look at the PREFERRED SUPPLIER LIST.
Ahead of the Curve
Learn about the innovations and inspired incentives that give Signature members the
competitive edge:
Cutting Edge Technology Tools
Marketing Services
Global Hotels & Resorts Program
Exclusive Products for You
Training and Member Support
Top Level Networking
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Signature Ascending
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Alex Sharpe and his A-team lead Signature Travel Network through a new era.
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"Wilma Boyd: Keeping
up with Travel

Preferred Travel, Wilma Boyd blends philanthropy with technology to deliver high-level travel to her community and beyond to create luxury experiences.
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Michelle Morgan
"Positive and Proactive"

Michelle Morgan, Signature Travel's leader, shares her inspiring story of breast cancer survival in this year's Pink Issue.
By: Ruthanne Terrero


Jim AugerinosJim Augerinos
"Jim Augerinos"

Crafting the Perfect Honeymoons.
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Jean GlockJean Glock
"Jean Newman Glock
A profile of a luxury travel advisor.
By: Meagan Drillinger

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