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Signature Travel Network ® is a member-owned cooperative comprised of the travel industry's leading retail agencies representing more than 6,000 professional travel consultants — and generating more than $5 billion in annual sales.
About Signature
As a member-owned cooperative, Signature ® works for the members, literally, we work for you. The structure allows us to focus on your needs, facilitating your marketing, technology and training needs. Signature's primary focus is to help you drive sales! Supplier overrides pass through to members as well as year-end profits.
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When you join the respected members of Signature Travel Network ®, you upgrade your standing while preserving and celebrating your own agency identity and strengthening the equity you've created.

Learn about the innovations and differentiated product that give Signature ® members the competitive edge:
Technology Tools
Marketing Services
Hotels & Resorts Program
Exclusive Products
Training and Member Support
Top Level Networking

Unlike other agency groups, Signature ® stands behind your personal brand. We're here to support you — not the other way around. Signature ® builds upon and supports your reputation while assisting you with your clients' needs, all while maintaining your own brand identity.


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