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  • January 23, 2022

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Land of Creation

Anyone who has traveled to Israel knows this dynamic country is more than the sum of its parts. Ancient structures, powdery beaches, dramatic desert landscape and numerous natural wonders make it a coveted destination.

It’s also the land of ultimate extremes – from Tel Aviv’s modern Bauhaus structures and soaring skyscrapers to the ancient cobblestone paths of Jerusalem’s Old City and the pulsating nightlife to the subdued reverence of the birthplace of three major religions, this country has just about something for every traveler.

Widely known for its religious holy sites, Israel is fast becoming one of the top wine and food destinations in the world. The cuisine is as vast as its inhabitants -- Bulgarian, Greek, Moroccan, Iraqi, Polish, Russian, Romanian traditions packed in one of the tiniest sovereign nations in the world.

Israel’s emerging ‘celebrity’ chefs and restauranteurs are constantly recreating and transforming their namesake cuisine, combining their elders’ international culinary traditions with the country’s young, vibrant and resilient spirit.

Israel hosts dozens of cultural, music, and art festivals throughout the year, highlighting its world-class museums, theaters and outdoor music arenas.

Lauded for its accessibility, Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport welcomes over a dozen flights from North America daily. Conde Nast Traveler recently voted Israel’s largest airport among the top ten airports in the world, as well as one of the most secure.

Israel also boasts unique natural wonders including the Dead Sea- the lowest point on earth. The salty waters and mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea are known for their medicinal and healing properties, attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors every year.

Perhaps most meaningful of all, some say it is the variety of Israel’s people that makes it unique in so many other ways––only around 7.3 million, but hailing from over 30 regions and countries the world over.