Set 208 mi/335 km northwest of Oslo in one of the most stunning areas of Norway, Flam has mountains, waterfalls and other natural beauty. It's ideal terrain for bike excursions, especially through the Flam Valley.

The area can be reached by road from Bergen and Oslo, but the preferred method is by train (the highway is very narrow). The train ride, along a spur off the main Bergen-Oslo line, drops 2,800 ft/850 m in elevation en route. The train makes repeated stops for spectacular waterfalls or mountain vistas. If possible, avoid the peak tourist season of mid-June to mid-August, when several cruise ships are docked in Flam simultaneously and the train is far too crowded to be enjoyable.

Also in the vicinity is Voss, a well-known ski resort that has hosted several World Cup ski competitions and sits in a stunning locale. It also hosts an extreme sports week every June that includes such sports as skydiving, mountain biking and kayaking. http://www.ekstremsportveko.com.

In addition to resort activities, the town has the Voss Folk Museum that features exhibits of handicrafts and old-fashioned implements (http://www.hardangerogvossmuseum.no), the Stalheim Folk Museum and the Finneloftet—Norway's oldest nonreligious structure, dating from around 1250, that was once owned by a noble family and probably used for entertaining guests. Voss is also the birthplace of legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne. http://www.visitflam.com.

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