The charming seaside town of Amalfi is the heart of Italy's Amalfi coastline. Located at the mouth of a deep ravine and surrounded by dramatic cliffs, this impressive natural landscape creates an unforgettable backdrop to Amalfi's seaside setting. With narrow, winding streets and medieval architecture, Amalfi is a must-see while visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi's picturesque setting is what captivates travelers from around the world, but behind the pastel-colored houses and fishing boats bobbing in the harbor lies a fascinating history. In the Middle Ages, Amalfi was a wealthy and powerful sea republic with ships that sailed across the Mediterranean and traded as far as Byzantium. Relics from that illustrious past can be seen throughout Amalfi, including the sumptuous treasures in the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea Museum and the small Arsenale Museum dedicated to the city's history.

The charms of Amalfi today are no less alluring than its past. Rocky beaches and secluded swimming coves with shimmering turquoise water are perfect for relaxation, while boating and kayaking are equally popular recreation activities. The central Piazza Duomo and main shopping street are lined with shops selling colorful ceramics, the famous limoncello liqueur and Amalfi's traditional handmade paper.

The aroma of locally grown lemons and outstanding restaurants make a visit to Amalfi a treat for the taste buds as well. Dine overlooking the Marina Grande beach or find a tiny restaurant hidden away in a quiet piazza.

Amalfi's impressive landscape, natural beauty and intense flavors continue to enchant visitors today.

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