Hamilton, Ontario, sits on the Niagara Escarpment, a distinct vertical cliff that separates the upper and lower city. Known as "the mountain," this cliff is the city's defining feature. Streets continue from the bottom of the mountain to the top, with the prefix of "upper" added to streets on the mountain.

On the mountain, you can find spectacular views of the city and harbor. Although only certain streets stretch to the top of the mountain, you can park your car and hike upward. Lower Hamilton is home to Dofasco, a giant steel manufacturer.

Home of the famous Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, Hamilton, located 45 mi/60 km west of Toronto, is also a thriving cultural metropolis with no shortage of activities. Orchestra, choirs, ballet, theater—they're all there and well supported by a strong arts community.

Although considerably milder in temperature than most of Ontario, Hamilton is subject to harsh storms and changeable weather patterns. The upper city is generally hotter and more humid in the summer and susceptible to snow squalls in the winter.

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