Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley



A special area in northern Pakistan, the Hunza Valley offers spectacular scenery and the Batura Glacier. The people of the valley are famous for their longevity, which they claim is due to their isolation from modern civilization. (Some even claim that the valley inspired the mythical Shangri-La in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon.) The capital of Hunza is Karimabad, which has an intriguing bazaar, fruit orchards and excellent views of the surrounding valley and mountains. From there, a day trip could be made to the Khunjerab Pass on the Chinese border. Don't make a special trip north just for Hunza, but see it in combination with Gilgit and other towns in the region (a five-day trip to the area can be spectacular). Travel there only with a guide, and keep in mind that travel permits are difficult to obtain. 225 mi/360 km northeast of Islamabad.

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