Angaur was the scene of heavy fighting in 1944. After all the Japanese defenders were killed (imperial troops of that era never surrendered), the U.S. built a huge airfield on Angaur for bombers. You can walk around Angaur in a day, passing the old Japanese lighthouse, as well as a number of war memorials and wrecked tanks. You'll see dramatic cliffs pounded by the surf. Note the aluminum "forest" at the end of the main runway—a junk pile of the remains of dozens of U.S. planes, scrapped in place rather than shipped back to the mainland.

You can also rent a moped and travel around the tiny island to see Micronesia's only monkeys, descendants of two escaped German pets. They live by the old jungle-covered phosphate mine. Remnants of landing craft can be seen there as well. Deep off the island, you'll find the U.S. shipwreck USS Perry. It can be explored by trained tech divers. 35 mi/55 km southwest of Koror.

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