Casablanca is well known because of the Humphrey Bogart film of the same name, despite the fact the film was shot in a Hollywood studio. It's also Morocco's largest and most modern city.

Before the French began to develop it as the country's economic capital in 1912, Casa—as Casablanca is commonly called—was only a small trading post. Its subsequent rapid growth has wiped away most of its romantic image; it's bound to disappoint most visitors.

Now basically a big commercial and industrial city with hints of both French and Arabic culture everywhere, Casablanca is home to most of Morocco's major corporations and banks. However, its traditional markets pale in comparison with those of Fez or Marrakech.

The beach suburb of Ain Diab is a good place to stroll along the La Corniche (oceanside promenade), especially at night. It has plenty of seafood restaurants and nightclubs. Just a few miles/kilometers north of Casablanca are some beach resorts, such as Mohammedia, where there's a golf course popular with Europeans.

If you're into nightlife, you'll want to stay a night or two; Casablanca is reputed to have the best homegrown club scene in the country. Otherwise, you'll probably be content to see the city in one day.

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