Rock Islands



Palau's Rock islands start in southern Airai and continue through the archipelago all the way down to Peleliu. They form a natural maze that is stunningly beautiful. The Rock Islands are visible from Koror. They vary in shape and size and resemble floating mushrooms. They are actually rounded limestone outcroppings that rise high above the waterline. Day trips, overnight camping and even weeklong excursions can be arranged in Koror. Kayaking is a very popular way to see these islands. A day can include kayaking, hiking and snorkeling.

Scuba divers normally pass through the Rock Islands daily to get to the southern sites. There are also some pretty dive sites within the Rock Island channels and many World War II shipwrecks are found there, as it was once an anchorage.

Or, visitors can just go to a public beach for a swim and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Jellyfish Lake, within the island of Eil Malk, is filled with hoards of harmless jellyfish that swim back and forth with the moving sun. These highly evolved species have become vegetarians, existing on the energy produced by algae that is fed by the sun. They have lost their ability to sting, as they have no need for it. The trail to the lake involves a rugged but not overly difficult climb up and then down to a pier at the edge of the marine lake. Snorkel out and get surrounded by pulsing jellies.

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