Travel to Korhogo is currently considered hazardous. When (and if) things return to normal be sure to add it to your itinerary. Many visitors leave Korhogo and other towns in the Senoufo and Malinke country feeling as if they've had a mystical experience—the people's customs are very different from other cultures in Africa. We recommend visiting the region not for any specific tourist attractions, but rather to meet the local people and learn about their traditions.

In Korhogo, you can shop for African carvings, brass castings and local textiles, which include fine examples of Korhogo cloth (sometimes called mud cloth). Be sure to visit the nearby villages, including Katiola (nice pottery), Fakaha (bright fabric dyes), Waraniene (intricate weavings) and Kassaoumbarga (a 17th-century mosque of baked earth). Kassaoumbarga and Koni are home to skilled ironworkers. In those two villages you can watch as ore is smelted and poured into molds. The resulting material is then worked into finished products by master blacksmiths. There's also a wildlife park (near the town of Bouna) that has hippos, elephants, monkeys, lions and buffalo. There's a hotel in the park. 295 mi/475 km north of Abidjan.

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