The Chimaera, named after the legendary fire-breathing beasts that were said to terrorize ancient Lycia, are perpetual flames flickering on a hillside near Olympos.

The fires, no larger than a candle flame, are produced by methane gas and cannot be extinguished with water. In fact, if a flame is covered with sand, it resurfaces nearby within a few minutes. Spend some time "playing with fire." Then, after dark, take a boat cruise to view the twinkling spectacle from the sea.

Backpackers may want to stay in the nearby village of Olympos, which has very cheap accommodations built into the trees along a nice beach. There are a few ruins near Olympos, but the real reasons to go there are to stay in a tree house and enjoy the laid-back beach community. Upscale travelers will probably be more comfortable seeing the Chimaera on a day trip from Kas or Antalya, although there are some attractive accommodations at the adjacent resort of Cirali.

The Chimaera are about 290 mi/465 km southwest of Ankara.

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