Situated on the banks of the Arpa River and lush with fruit trees, Yeghegnadzor is famous for ruins of ancient settlements and historical monuments that date from the first millennium BC to the 17th century. While there, visit the Yeghegnadzor Art Gallery, the Yeghegnadzor Local Tradition Museum and the Historical Museum of Gladzor University, founded in 1984 on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Gladzor University.

Just outside the town are three caves of varying sizes, which, combined, total a few miles/kilometers. Inside the caves are dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations, but the passageways are very raw, dangerous and require specially-trained guides, even for experienced cavers. They are also environmentally sensitive.

Noravank, one of Armenia's must-see monasteries is close by, on a good road. The hard-to-get-to monasteries of Tsakhats Kar and Spitakavor require a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but they're well worth the effort. Both Spitakavor and Tsakhats Kar monasteries have fortresses nearby.

The village of Yeghegis is also close, and it has a unique open-air altar, as well as Armenia's only ancient Jewish cemetery, attesting to a small but well-integrated Jewish community. The village of Areni is famous for its wine, made from the Areni variety of grape—very good for red table and semidry wines. Although few wineries are open to the public, those that are make Areni an interesting stop just before reaching Yeghegnadzor.

Yeghegnadzor has a few reputable bed-and-breakfasts. To get there, take a bus from the Yerevan bus station. 74 mi/119 km southeast of Yerevan.

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