Rupununi Savanna



In stark contrast to the damp swamps and jungles, Guyana's savanna region is covered with dry, tree-scattered plains and large termite mounds.

Lethem is the capital of the district of Rupununi and the entry point for visits to the Rupununi area.

You can either chance the long arduous drive to the dusty outpost of Lethem from Georgetown or fly, which is quicker and easier on the bones. From there, overland vehicles take you down bumpy, nearly impassable roads to the ranches and resorts.

There are a number of interesting Amerindian villages in the area: Yukupari is particularly friendly to visitors. Permits are required to visit the villages and can be obtained from the District Council Office in Lethem. Lethem puts on a lively rodeo around Easter called the Rupununi Rodeo where barefoot Amerindian and Brazillian vaqueros show off their skills.

Intrepid travelers might want to take a canoe from Lethem to the Brazil-Guyana border where you can enjoy a picnic on one of the islands between the two countries. You can cross the bordering river with a car via pontoon to Bonfim, the Brazilian outpost and then continue on to the large town of Boa Vista, approximately 92 mi/148 km away. If on foot, the journey can be done by bus. However, if you want to travel to Brazil, be sure to arrange all of the proper paperwork in advance.

The Rupununi Savanna is about 250 mi/400 km southwest of Georgetown.

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