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Here are 10 Suggestions For Your Trip To Spain

Spain is gastronomy, luxury, shopping, culture, football… They're delighted to welcome you.

1. Shopping and culture in Barcelona
In northeast Spain, in the heart of the Mediterranean, you'll find the city of Barcelona. A stroll around the elegant and stately neighbourhoods like the Gracia district it is a chance to see monuments by the architect Gaudí including the house known as "La Pedrera", and to stop or in some of the city's most prestigious shops.

2. Madrid and its Paseo del Arte (Art Walk)
Spain's capital awaits you with some of the world's most famous museums, including the Prado and the Reina Sofía National Art Centre. Also, it is recommended to visit some of the avant-garde gastronomic markets like the San Miguel market

3. Toledo, Imperial City
Do you know why this inland city is known by this name? Because its history goes back thousands of years, and it was once the main headquarters of the powerful Emperor Charles I. It is also known as the "City of the Three Cultures". Its churches, mosque and Jewish quarters will give you a clue.

4. Segovia, like a fairy tale
Like Toledo, it's very near Madrid. The tourist office will be happy to give you a plan with information in your own language so you can stroll around the city and marvel at monuments like its cathedral or its Alcázar fortress, a palace straight out of the pages of a storybook.

5. Seville, the perfect place for couples
In southern Spain, in Andalusia, you'll find a beautiful city to spend your honeymoon and stroll across the Triana bridge or climb to the top of its cathedral tower. And you won't want to miss its typical gastronomy.

6. Majorca, a luxury island
This Mediterranean island is the holiday destination of film stars and royalty. You can discover it from on board a yacht, playing golf, shopping, and staying in exclusive hotels.

7. The Alhambra, the Red Castle
This is one of the most visited monuments in Spain. You'll find it in Andalusia (specifically in Granada). Do you know what its name means? "Red Fortress". You have to see this marvel at sunset to truly understand it.

8. Let's go shopping
In Spain you'll find top brands and international designers. Here we give you information about where to go shopping in several of Spain's most important cities, to help you keep up with the latest fashions.

9. Experience the passion for football
This Spain's most popular sport. In fact, its league is home to such famous teams as the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, and to stars like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. What is the flamenco "duende"?
Flamenco is a very typical Spanish style of music and dancing. And "duende" is that mysterious sensation that invades you every time you watch a flamenco show. You'll find a number of "tablaos" (traditional flamenco clubs) that will offer you a show, including dinner.