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  • November 28, 2020

Toronto is Canada’s largest city...

...and the 4th largest destination in North America. Because of this, it also happens to be a global business, entertainment and tourism hub. Culturally progressive and diverse, Toronto attracts top talent from around the world and hosts some of the most renowned festivals, like the annual Toronto International Film Festival and the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, to name a few. Rich in art and entertainment, it’s not only the gateway to Canada but to the world as well.


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As Canada’s largest city, Toronto is also the nation’s most populous province. It’s centrally located between major cities including New York City, Chicago, and Montreal, while being a convenient 90-minute or less flight for over 100 million Americans. Scenically located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, its shoreline features sandy beaches, marinas, and ports – all thanks to its bordering Great Lake. Surrounded by some of Canada’s most beautiful natural wonders like the Niagara region’s vineyards and Niagara Falls, it’s easy to venture just outside the city for an all-encompassing Canadian experience.


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Years ago, 11,000 to be specific, Toronto was home to a wide array of Aboriginal groups. This changed in the late 1700s when British settlers arrived and established a fort, calling their settlement York. The Battle of York was a key battle in the War of 1812, leaving the town badly damaged. In 1834 the city was incorporated and officially named Toronto. Over 200 years Toronto attracted large waves of immigrants from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. In the early 1980s, on the strength of sustained immigration, it surpassed Montreal as Canada’s largest city.


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The beauty of Toronto, aside from being a vivacious cosmopolitan city, is its proximity to nature within and without. ‘A city within a park’ is the Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation’s slogan, and it couldn’t be truer. The city itself features many parks throughout, one of the most notable being High Park for its size and depth of trails, ponds, and annual cherry blossoms. The Toronto Islands are just a short ferry ride away and house some of the city’s most scenic beaches and bike trails. Toronto’s shoreline from Lakeshore West to Queens Quay to the east-end Beaches, is strewn with beachy boardwalks, bike trails, and parks set against a picturesque Lake Ontario. Just outside of Toronto is the 8th Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls, located in the Niagara region – also home to ample wineries and lavender fields. North of Toronto is the Muskoka and Collingwood regions, where nature flourishes around peaceful lakes, majestic cabins, including underground caves.