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Travel Information

Everything you need to know when planning your trip to Kenya!


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Served by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO/JKIA), the largest Airport in East Africa. Additionally, the smaller Wilson Airport serves scheduled domestic flights to other towns in Kenya and to tourist destinations such as parks and game reserves.

Best Time to Travel

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Kenya is a year-round destination, which enjoys varied climates ranging from the cool highlands to the tropical savannah and the temperate coast.

The most popular time to visit Kenya is during the Great Migration between July and September.


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Casual and lightweight clothing is suggested including a jacket for mornings and evenings. We suggest layered clothing but not white, bright or vividly patterned. Strong footwear, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses are strongly recommended for walking safaris.


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Currency is the Kenyan Shilling with USD widely accepted. USD bills newer than 2010 are advised.


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Swahili (locally referred to as Kiswahili) is Kenya’s national language. Swahili originated on the East African coast as a trade language used by both Arabic tradesmen and coastal Kenyan tribes.

English is also taught in schools and widely spoken, especially in tourist areas.


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No vaccinations are required for travel between the US and Kenya. Anti-malaria pills are recommended. The yellow fever shot may be required for travel between certain African countries. Consult medical professionals for recommendations on medication and vaccinations.


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Tipping safari guides and camp/lodge staff is at your own discretion. Average gratuities are approximately $5 USD per guided trip and $5 USD per day for housekeeping/staff.


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While in the bush, there are a few different kinds of safari vehicles. This includes Landrovers, some with open-sides, as well as the more budget-friendly transportation, the safari mini-bus. Most tour companies will arrange all transfers in Nairobi, however for other transportation in the city, taxi cabs are a convenient choice for visitors.

Visa Info

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Visas are required for entry into Kenya. To receive a single-entry or transit Visa, you must create a profile on, follow the steps given and when the Visa is received, print out the approved document to bring with you to Nairobi. An eVisa is usually processed between 24 hrs and five days.

Have available:
• Valid passport for 6 months
• Digital passport photo
• Scan of passport’s bio data page
• Additional documents, such as travel itinerary, hotel bookings, etc…
• Trip must be within three months of Visa application date

As of time of publication (May 2016), visitors may also get Visas on arrival in Nairobi for $50 USD (cash); or through their nearest Consulate office. East African Visas and Multiple Entry Visas are not yet available online.


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Kenya enjoys a tropical climate, with the equator running straight through the country. It is warm and humid in the coast, temperate inland and very dry in the northeast parts of the country. The country receives a great deal of sunshine year round and summer clothes are worn throughout the year.