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In-room Dining:

24 hour room service available

Restaurante Ático by Ramon Freixa

Ramon Freixa´s most intuitive and informal restaurant, for day-to-day dining. Produce. Technique. Freshness. These are the foundations of a simple yet sophisticated menu. Based on the most traditional dishes and the culinary inheritance of the different regions of Spain, chef Ramón Freixa deploys his usual creativity, although this time in a more informal, day-to-day environment, offering a prêt-à-porter menu for every-day occasions that both surprises and delights diners, without leaving its naturalness to one side. Accommodated within the penthouse of The Principal Madrid Hotel, Ático has stunning views. The restaurant has balconies with tables for two people, which, if the weather allows, can be reserved. In the glazed Pérgola, which is on the same floor, you can try our signature cocktails after dinner (subject to availability) with unique views of the Metropoli building. Or if you prefer it you can have it on La Terraza which is located on the 8th floor (upon prior reservation). Recently awarded a Repsol Sun, Ático offers a real culinary experience that can be enjoyed on any occasion and at any time, with an all-day (24 h) proposal open to the entire city. Furthermore, to make your arrival easier, we offer you our own parking service.