Nayara Alto AtacamaSan Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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To get to San Pedro de Atacama you can fly to Calama from Santiago. There are several flights every day of the week. The flight takes approximately an hour and fifty minutes. Then, from Calama to San Pedro de Atacama by car, 55.25 miles away from Calama Airport.

Take the only Route 23 to the east, asphalt road in good condition. As soon as you arrive to San Pedro de Atacama oasis, turn left and follow ahead for 0.9 miles until you reach a river, cross it and follow another 1.5 miles to the “Pukara de Quitor” (Fort Ruins). From, here you can see Alto Atacama, continue 0.4 miles and enjoy the beauty and the silence of the lodge.

Nearby Airports

CJC Calama, Chile 55.25 Miles