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Blue Eye Discovery

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In a world exclusive, the six ships of the Ponant Explorers series are equipped with an underwater passenger lounger, called Blue Eye, located within the hull beneath the water line. The design of this technical prowess was entrusted to architect Jacques Rougerie, who is deeply passionate about the sea. Rougerie's mission is to enable Ponant guests to perceive and feel the underwater universe that has never ceased to amaze and inspire him throughout his career.


Protecting the Environment

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Protecting the environment
Particularly committed to the preservation of the environment, PONANT minimizes its impact on the planet with ships purpose-built to reduce their footprint and a philosophy of respect and protection of the world. With a resolute desire to be the leader in this field, Ponant pursues a strong ecological policy each and every day that includes:

- Environmental regulatory compliance of operations and anticipation of new regulations that are likely to have an impact on activities,

- Implementation of best practices in recycling and reuse of solid waste and wastewater,

-Certification of ships by the international “Clean Ship” label, which certifies minimal environmental impact,

- Use of green equipment on Ponant’s four sister ships, such as a quiet and economical electric propulsion system, MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) engines, which are lighter and produce less pollution, and a sonar sand-bank detection system,

- The pursuit of energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,

- Development of techniques, procedures, and partnerships in order to preserve marine biodiversity and the coastal environment and to respect the communities that Ponant visits.

A signatory of the La Charte Bleue d’Armateurs de France, PONANT is also a member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), working to safeguard flora and fauna in the most sensitive climates through the adoption of responsible behavior.

A CSR Approach

Since 2014, PONANT has adopted a CSR policy and is committed, through measures and regular checks, to:

- Excelling in health and safety management

- Taking good care of the staff

- Applying best practices in terms of environmental protection to the entirety of its supply chain


Land-based Programs

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During your cruise:
A wide choice of excursions is offered during all of Ponant's cruises. Carefully crafted by operations professionals, these outings highlight the best of each city, monument, or natural site visited. Land excursions can be registered for and purchased on board at the beginning of your cruise. 

Before or after your cruise:
Before the departure or upon the conclusion of your cruise, various programs and overnight hotel stays are always available. These can be organized at the passenger's request. 


Zodiac® Outings

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During expedition voyages, a fleet of Zodiac craft make landing ashore in remote, seldom visited destinations safe and accessible enabling guests to get as close as possible to ice and fauna. They accommodate up to ten passengers and are easy to step on to from the marina platform at the read of the ship. Zodiac excursions are included on expeditions.


Quintessential Collection™

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Themed cruises, remarkable cultural enrichment, and exceptional guests.

These special voyages are designed around a specific theme, for travelers who want to engage with the world in order to better understand it. They also offer special perks and programming that are unlike anything before.

They also include a pre- or post- cruise stay with excursions relevant to the theme, lectures, and performances aboard ship by world-class experts, musicians, and one or two exceptional activities ashore that encourage gues to embrace the sights and sounds, tastes and smells of the local culture. 


Open Bar

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From the moment you board the ship and throughout your cruise, drinks will be complimentary and unlimited*. Choose from a selection of wines, champagnes, spirits, mineral waters and non-alcoholic drinks.

There will be no receipts to sign and no constraints: the Open Bar will also apply to your minibar and even to room service drinks.
So why not take advantage of this to enjoy a friendly pre-dinner drink on the deck at sunset, or a hot chocolate in the comfort of one of Ponant's lounges?

*It doesn't include premium alcoholic drinks indicated in the Bar Menu. It is valid only for individual personal consumption, without limitations.