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Many Rythms, One Heartbeat

Don't just see the wonder of Belize, experience its culture, gastronomy and most importantly, its people ...

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This small country isn’t defined by one culture, but a unique blend of influences from all over the world. It’s this blend that gives the people of Belize the distinct ability to make anyone feel welcome. While you may be far from it when you visit, we’ll make you feel right at home. From cuisine to language to dancing, explore the cultures and traditions that make Belize so unique.

The Creole culture makes up 24% of the Belize population.
The Mestizo make up 48% of the Belize population.


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No matter the time of year, you are sure to encounter festivities. Among Belize's most important events:
- Belize Annual Placencia Sidewalk Festival
- Easter
- Chocolate Festival of Belize
- La Ruta Maya River Challenge
- Mango Festival
-  Placencia Losbter Festival

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Belize lies in that sweet spot of catering both to thrill-seekers and relaxation-enthusiasts. But what about families with young kids? This tropical country is one of the friendliest and has many activities for young kids. Families often venture to Belize leaving with unforgettable memories, often sparking a travel wanderlust in their kids in the process! The family can enjoy everything from swimming, snorkeling, cave tubing, kayaking, butterfly farm visits and so much more.

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Do you plan your vacations around every meal? Then Belize is where you need to be! With fresh produce readily available, fresh catch of the day just about everywhere you are in Belize. Your tastebuds will be forever thankful you took them to Belize.


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With only a small percentage of our ancient Maya temples uncovered, it’s not uncommon to come across ancient pieces of pottery or hear that a distant hill is actually a temple.

Whether you want to explore for an afternoon, a day or a week, the ancient Maya sites are well worth it. All sites are managed by the Institute of Archaeology and have interpretive centers, as well as trained guides to show you around.

From Caracol and Cerros to Lamanai and little villages and forest areas, pretty much anywhere you go here, you’ll find ancient Maya temples. Get your hat and whip ready, Belizean-a-Jones.

National Parks

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Belize has an abundance of National Parks, all you have to do is ask your travel advisor what options will make the best of your time there!


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Belize is divided into the following regions where you will have a wide array of things to do in each:
- Belize Reef
- Central Coast
- North Islands
- Northern Belize
- Southeast Coast
- Southern Belize
- Western Belize

Contact your travel advisor to find out what each is all about!

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