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  • July 26, 2021

Four Worlds in One Place

Experience four different worlds in a single day in Slovenia. Even a brief encounter with each will be enough to keep you coming back to fully enjoy what makes them special to the fullest.


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Things To Do


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Theatre, dance, fine arts, and graphic design festivals allow you to have an insight into local and international arts production. At the same time, you can visit special locations, such as streets in old town centres, castles, and former power plants.ions.


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The faces of the Slovenian coast
Enjoy relaxing moments on the Slovenian coast. Take a walk through the pleasant alleys of coastal towns, explore the tastes offered by the sea and the Istrian soil, relax in unique wellness programmes, and go on a hike through the coastal countryside.


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The identity of the Slovenian nation is inseparably connected with its culture and the Slovenian language. Explore the evidence of life in Slovenian lands dating back at least 60,000 years. Tumultuous history will reveal some of the oldest artifacts in the world.

Would you like to understand Slovenians and their identity? Explore in detail the possibilities offered by 100 festivals, over 50 museums and galleries, and about 30 institutions focusing on music and theatre. See the remains of some of the hundreds of castles and manors. You will find it informative and fun.

The home of Lipizzaner horses
The original stud farm for the noble white horses has been in Lipica in the Karst Region since 1580. The oldest European stud farm to breed the same horses without interruption is a cultural and historical monument, which impresses visitors with its magnificent horses and special karst landscape.


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No matter the time of year, you will always find an event whether it's music, culture, food, sports. You will find it here. Talk to your travel advisor about the events happening in during your travels.

Explore The Outdoors

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Slovenia is not only a country famous for its beauty and diversity of landscape in a small area, but also for unforgettable experiences not to be found anywhere else. Leave the beaten paths and enjoy diverse adventures, be it in a town or the great outdoors. The Slovenian Tourist Board follows the best stories in Slovenian tourism from idea to implementation and rewards them either with awards for innovative ideas and experiences or points them out as the crème de la crème of Slovenian experiences. What will you choose?


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Fun for children – where everything happens for the first time:
Encounter fairy-tale heroes in the middle of green meadows and forests. Enter an animal kingdom and venture down a wild water slide. Slovenia is the place where the entire family will find something fascinating and enchanting. 


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In Slovenia, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Love tastes like dishes from no less than 24 gastronomic areas and three wine-growing areas. Local mineral waters have also always been served on Slovenian tables, and recently beers from local Slovenian microbreweries have also attracted interest.


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Do you have an adventurous spirit? Go on a treasure hunt, and see a 30,000-year-old needle, a 5200-year old wooden wheel with a wooden axle, and venerable golden patches that are more than 3000 years old. If you are not interested in ancient history, take a ride through space.

National Parks

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Enter the Kingdom of the Zlatorog
One of Slovenia’s best-known legends tells of a golden-horned chamois who reigned over the Julian Alps. Enter his kingdom and search for his greatest treasures, which lie hidden in Triglav National Park and its surroundings.

Slovenia will treat you to magnificent views from the tall peaks, green Alpine valleys, babbling brooks and lakes that reflect the blue sky, and a huge diversity of flora and fauna. You can experience all of this in Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s largest protected area and only national park.

Discover your mountain paradise in Slovenia!


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Local and cosmopolitan
Treat yourself to a shopping spree in small, boutique shops offering unique products. Explore global fashion brands. Visit shops with local products and produce. Stop in a café and have a chat.

Originally Slovenian
Traditional Slovenian souvenirs can be bought anywhere in Slovenia under the distinctive mark Rokodelstvo Art & Craft Slovenija. Items made by contemporary Slovenian designers and fashion designers can be found in small boutique shops showcasing unique products or at art markets. Drop by the stores and markets with local products and produce or to shopping centres for the global fashion brands. When shopping, make sure to take the time for a break at a café and have a chat – it’s what the locals do.


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Slovenia is every outdoors lovers' paradise. Climb a summit. On foot or by bike. Enjoy lovely ski slopes with your children. Feel the adrenaline. Inhale freshness. In the middle of green forests, on a horse, next to water, on golf courses. Enter the world of active adventures.

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