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  • June 16, 2024

Comprised of 60 islands and cays with approximately 27 that are inhabited, The British Virgin Islands will transport you to ultimate bliss. Immerse yourself in rich traditions, shaped by nautical trade and leisure, musical artistry and the blending of cultures over centuries.

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With crystal clear waters and balmy trade winds year-round, the British Virgin Islands are a pristine playground brimming with adventure.

What happens beyond of our shimmering coasts may whisper amid the roar of the ocean, but trust us: in the British Virgin Islands, you won’t want to miss what’s waiting ashore.


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Immerse yourself in the British Virgin Islands’ rich traditions, shaped by nautical trade and leisure, musical artistry and the blending of cultures over centuries.

An Island lesson in originality.
Take a (short) break from the surf and sun and embark on an exploration of the BVI beyond what meets the eye.


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Measure happiness in grains of sand.

Lounging seaside in the British Virgin Islands is unimaginably blissful – but first, you have to decide where you’ll lay your towel down. The magic of each island extends to its beaches, from surf-friendly shores in Anegada to the untouched sands of Tortola’s Smuggler’s Cove. If we had to list all the gorgeous options we’d be here all day, so let’s just say this: you’ll never run out.

A couple things you can always count on? Endless skies, inviting water and an absolute sense of relaxation.


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With crystal clear waters and balmy trade winds year-round, the British Virgin Islands are a pristine playground brimming with adventure.

• Annual BVI Spring Regatta
• BVI Food Fete
• BVI Emancipation Festival Celebrations
• Leverick Bay Poker Run
• Anegada Kite & Paddle Festival
• Virgin Gorda Easter Festival
• Christmas in July
• Necker Cup


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Set family memories in stone.

At the center of every memorable family vacation, there’s an element of the unexpected. Start writing your next story in the BVI with exciting excursions by zipline, on horseback, or with a wildlife encounter.

Or do something unexpected like GEO Caching or Seashell and Sea Glass exploring. Pick up a guidebook and search out and identify the different flora and fauna. Learn something new about the BVI and visit several of the museums and understand our history and see up-close the ruins dating back hundreds of years.

Remember, it’s not always about what you do on vacation. It’s about who you’re with (and keeping them entertained!)


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Explore the diversity of our culture through our delicious gastronomy – from vibrant local favorites to cuisines born from the melting pot of traditions the BVI is home to.


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Our galleries and museums are the perfect destinations to glimpse into the history of the BVI or pick up a memento to grace your walls back home. Discover artifacts and artistry of all manner in curated galleries and exhibitions of local talent from today and yesteryear alike.

Built by the McClevery slaves, this location was the site for sugar production in 1940 and cotton production in the 1900’s.

A wonderful chance to experience the amazing Culture of the British Virgin Islands at our Gallery/Museum, Herbal and Fruit Garden.

Originally a sugar factory, the building was converted into a rum distillery in the early 20th century. The machinery was powered by steam and diesel engines, examples of which can be seen on the site today. A restaurant, art gallery and store are now housed in the historic building.

This site features the original structure of a Sugar Cane distillery. Visitors to this rustic site can purchase samples of rum. The original boiler still operates and produces rum, which in then stored in original storage casks. The old guard house is also intact and has been turned into an art gallery and gift shop.

As the oldest building in Road Town, this prison experienced the execution of Auther W. Hodge on May 8th, 1811 for the murder of a slave.

Old Government House Museum is an ongoing project that seeks funds, furniture & artefacts to display the story of the Governors Residence. Built in 1880 & then again in 1926, the building was closed as a residence in 1996. It is now open to the public as a museum. Weekdays - Open 9AM to 3PM Saturdays - Open for pre-arranged tours Sundays - Open for pre-arranged tours The Old Government House Museum is located in Road Town and can be accessed easily on foot or by a short taxi from anywhere in the Road Town area.

National Parks

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Meet our most precious places.

Encompassing some of the BVI’s most celebrated natural treasures, the BVI National Parks Trust is responsible for the care and keeping of jewels from Virgin Gorda’s baths to lagoons, reefs, ruins and habitats.

Through these sanctuaries, the natural assets of the BVI – from the heights of Sage Mountain on Tortola to the depths of cavernous dive sites or at the HMS Rhone - can continue to mesmerize visitors from around the world and preserve the riches of the BVI for generations to come.


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Bring the islands home with the work of local craftspeople in your suitcase. Our markets and shopping districts are your destinations for photography, jewelry, clothing, books and much more.


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Discover your playground.

Here in the BVI, we’re always game to find a new way to enjoy our incredible beaches and shallows. Explore powdery sand beaches, secluded lagoons, scenic barrier islands and wildlife of all manner by kayak. Or, get up close and playful with acrobatic, intelligent dolphins in a pristine natural setting at Dolphin Discovery in Tortola. No matter what your interests are, the crystal-clear waters of the BVI beckon with adventurous possibilities.

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