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Most travelers taking tours in Rajasthan, the largest state in India, miss the peaceful city of Dungarpur and its main attraction, the Udai Bilas Palace Hotel, which boasts a nice collection of classic cars.

Dungarpar's translation, City of Hills, is an apt description of its austere, rolling farmland. The open space provides a mental respite for travelers who go from Delhi or Mumbai, and the picturesque image of farmers tending their fields provides a glimpse into their lifestyle.

Easily accessed from Udaipur Airport, Dungarpur is a 75-mi/120-km drive on a well-paved, four-lane expressway. There are few cultural sites in Dungarpur, and many guests at the Udai Bilas Palace choose to spend their time relaxing on the property. However, the Juna Mahal, an ancient palace, is worth seeing for its impressive frescoes and intricate mirrored mosaics. The maharaja's private suite boasts a closet that features 50 painted scenes from the Kama Sutra hidden inside.

A most intriguing excursion, however, is a simple drive through the farmland where the open, hilly landscape radiates vibrant colors and undulating patterns of crops. The villages of Charwada and Annpura typify the rural beauty of this region.

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