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  • January 18, 2021




If you can, arrive in Edmonton at night. As you ride in from the airport, you'll see Edmonton's glittering steel-and-glass skyline rising on the far shore of the North Saskatchewan River. It's a dramatic introduction to the way oil money transformed this stretch of the north.

Founded by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1794, Edmonton today is Canada's most northerly big city, a provincial capital and an industrial center with an economy based on petrochemicals, biotechnology, engineering, forestry and agricultural goods.

Ideally situated between Canada's remote north and the picturesque Jasper National Park, Edmonton is gaining popularity as a sightseeing and tourist destination. Edmonton is Canada's fifth-largest city, with an educated and innovative workforce that fuels Canada's billion-dollar economy in its wealthiest province. The University of Alberta and the state-of-the-art National Institute for Nanotechnology in Edmonton are setting standards in education and research, establishing Edmonton as the biotech capital of Alberta.

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