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  • January 16, 2021

Ibiza Island



The Balearic Island of Ibiza (pronounced ee-BEE-tha) is most strongly associated, these days, with the club and drug culture of the hordes of young visitors who descend there each summer.

The main club scene, including the huge, all-night spots that often have outdoor laser displays, is mostly concentrated in the town of San Antonio and its surroundings. If that's your bag, you'll be in heaven.

If you're not into the club scene, don't be put off—discos are only a part of the local attractions. It is possible to visit Ibiza and go home with memories of a beautiful Mediterranean island with fragrant groves of pine trees, beautiful old whitewashed towns, and fabulous coves and beaches. It is also possible to visit the island and never see or hear the club scene depending upon where you stay. A visit out of season is highly recommended for travelers who want to avoid the worst of the rave crowds.

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