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  • December 2, 2020




Located on the Savinja river, Celje is Slovenia's third-largest city. Located 46 mi/74 km northeast of Ljubljana, Celje is home to the Regional Museum, the Museum of Contemporary History, two contemporary art galleries and an art gallery dedicated to erotic art. Celje's most impressive aspect, however, is the 13th-century castle that sits above; part of it resembles a rook chess piece. The castle often features medieval festivals and plays host to weddings.

If you're traveling between Celje and Ljubljana, stop at the small town of Trojane, which is known mainly for its trojanski krof (doughnuts) that have won recognition both locally and abroad. The Trojane restaurant complex (founded in 1849) features those and other traditional Slovene fare as well as a great view of the surrounding valley from its hilltop dining salon.

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