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Mindoro Island



Mindoro Island, Philippines, is located 100 mi/160 km south of Manila and offers jungle, mountains, coral reefs and interesting tribal villages.

Just a few hours south of Manila on the island of Mindoro, the coastal town of Puerto Galera draws city residents and tourists alike who all visit to enjoy the beautiful beaches and diving. The best place for diving is around Puerto Galera, on the northern coast. That area has exceptionally clear water, pristine white sand, coral beaches and low-cost accommodations, though there are plans to develop larger resorts.

At two of the most popular, White Beach and Sabang Beach, there are plenty of resorts, dining and nightlife options, and shops. However, it can get extremely busy during national holidays and on weekends. If time permits, hire a boat guide to take you around the island.

There are also opportunities for visits to tribal villages, trekking in the mountains, and trips to caves and waterfalls, all easily organized through tour agencies in Puerto Galera. You can also inquire in the towns of Mansalay and San Jose (in the south) about visiting tribal villages in surrounding areas.
The eastern part of Mindoro can be reached by air, and western Mindoro is reached by ferry.

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