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Windstar Highlights 2020 European Itineraries

Windstar Cruises will feature a variety of itineraries sailing through the Baltic, Norwegian, North, Tyrrhenian, and Mediterranean in 2020. The post Windstar Highlights 2020 European Itineraries appeared first on Avid Cruiser.

Standard Staterooms

Measuring 188 square feet and with all new Degrees of Difference enhancements in place, Wind Surf's staterooms are lush and comfortable.

The Sails Aren't Just For Show

A motor sailing yacht, Wind Surf's sails aren't just for show. "There's more power in the sails than there is in the engines," says Captain Tim Roberts. Occasionally, Captain Roberts will cut the engines and proceed under sail. But there has to be a good wind. Wind Surf can make 9 knots in good wind, and in the Caribbean the Leeward islands are famous for tradewinds, so there's a good chance to go under sail power only.