SURVEY RESULTS: Would You Cruise In August 2020?

Carnival Cruise Line announced that it will phase in service beginning in August. The news had a mixed response among our readers. Some are glad that they might be able to sail again and with low lead-in rates, we have heard from people excited for Carnival’s return to the seas. Others aren’t so sure. They say that August is simply too soon to return to cruising. Instead of relying on the feedback of a random sampling of individuals, we decided to ask you all if you would take a cruise in August.

As you can see in the chart at the top of this page, 84 percent of people said that they would not be willing to take a cruise in August. What may be surprising, though, is that 16 percent of people said that they would take a cruise in August. Keep in mind, we didn’t ask specifically about Carnival cruises, so the responses may be skewed with people thinking about cruising on small ships or river cruise vessels. Regardless, this is a bit of a contrast to our last set of survey answers, where only 10 percent of our readers said they would cruise in Summer 2020. See results below.

The good news is that people are eager to cruise again. Trust us, we are, too. Besides asking travelers if they would cruise in August, we asked them why or why not. Below we will highlight some of the responses that lead our readers to their yes or no answer.

For those who answered yes:

“I trust the cruise lines to do their due diligence in following (and exceeding) Public Health guidelines to ensure passengers are safe. Anything else would not be in their best interest.”

“Already booked for one. I think when the cruise lines begin sailing again, they will probably be the safest places anywhere.”

“We are relatively young, healthy, and accept that life worth living comes with risks.”

“Need a vacation and want to support the industry.”

“I love cruising and using common sense plus good hygiene will allow everyone to cruise again.”

“The odds of the virus being mild if I should get it are in my favor. I love to cruise.”

For those who answered no:

“There is no Covid-19 vaccine nor is there an accurate, reliable test. One is taking a great risk to travel and congregate before these are in place.”

“At age 70, it’s just not worth it. We cancelled 3 cruises for 2020, 2 ocean, 1 river on the Mississippi. Have 2 ocean booked for 2021, 1 with our grandson. Will wait a while to see what happens before we make a decision on sailing …”

“There are too many states ‘re-opening’ and too many people that think nothing of the pandemic. I feel that there will be outbreaks on ships sailing in 2020.”

Regardless of whether you believe August is too soon or not, one thing is for certain: Now is a good time to begin planning your next cruise. Some cruise companies are already banner booking days, with inventory shrinking. Grab space before the masses do. And with generous cancellation programs in place, you can book with confidence that should things not go as you would hope, you are off the hook for losing your investment. We’re not lawyers, and we don’t make policy, so please check with your cruise advisor for specifics.

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