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On Wednesday, August 19, at 5 PM EDT, we'll be talking with Mark Conroy, managing director of Silversea Cruises. We'll ask Mark about the progress being made on Silversea's new ships, including Silver Moon, which is undergoing sea trials soon, and Silver Origin, which returns to the Galapagos soon. We'll discuss the future of luxury cruising and how it will evolve. Will luxury cruising become even more all-inclusive than it is now? And we'll look at the explosive growth in expedition cruising and the reasons behind that. Mark will also share with us some of his favorite itineraries as well as new, first-ever ports of call for Silversea in 2021/22. Join us Wednesday for an informative session with Silversea's Mark Conroy. Register using this link.

We've made some changes to our "Happy Hours/Webinars." Attendance is now capped at 100. After the attendance cap is reached, additional attendees will be directed to our Facebook Live feed to participate. Both platforms will offer virtually the same experience. We will monitor the Facebook Live feed for questions and comments to be raised during the webinar. Please be sure to register for our Happy Hours/Webinars so that in case you can't attend, you'll receive a link to the recording.

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