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An Evening At Ephesus On Silversea Cruises

Silversea offered a wide selection of shore excursions in Kusadasi. We talked to one couple who went tandem sky-diving (their first time), a shore excursion offered on Silver Spirit. Others visited Ephesus and the Home of the Virgin Mary in the morning, and some even returned for the evening concert. Golf excursions were offered as were wine tasting excursions. We chose to visit Ephesus in the evening for several reasons: 1) With temperatures in the 90s, we figured we could avoid touring Ephesus during the hottest parts of the day; 2) There would be no crowds, as Ephesus was open only to our group from Silver Spirit; and 3) We would get to experience Ephesus at sunset, something few people in life ever experience. When our tour concluded, we were happy with our choices. It was an evening that we’ll never forget. Read the rest at

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