Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Choose Antwerp For The Naming Of Hanseatic Inspiration

The Hamburg-based company Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has two, luxury expedition cruise ships under construction: the Hanseatic Nature and the Hanseatic Inspiration.

The first ship, the Hanseatic Nature, will serve the German-speaking market. She will be named in Hamburg on April 12, 2019.

The second vessel, the Hanseatic Inspiration, comes after the summer. Both ships are identical but with one main difference: Hanseatic Nature will cater for the International market, with German and English as onboard languages.

Need a little trick to remember which ship caters for the English-speaking guests? INspiration = INternational.

To read more about the ships, please read our previous blog post.

Rendering showing Hanseatic Inspiration sailing past the Antwerp skyline. Rendering Hapag-Lloyd Cruises / Photo Mike Louagie

The Hanseatic Inspiration will enter service with a naming ceremony in the Belgian port of Antwerp, on October 13, 2019. The event marks the first time a modern cruise ship is being christened in the Flemish historic city.

After the event she’s going to set sail for her 15-day maiden voyage from October 14 to October 29, 2019. She’ll cruising from Antwerp to Tenerife, with stops in Honfleur (France), and Guernsey, numerous destinations on the Iberian Peninsula, in Morocco, and in Madeira. She then continues to the Antarctic waters.

The announcement of the naming of Hanseatic Inspiration was made on Saturday March 17 by the CEO of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, Karl J. Pojer (third from left), in company of the Deputy Mayor of Antwerp, Koen Kennis (fourth from left). © 2018 Mike Louagie

In The Wake Of Great Explorers

The fact that she will start from Antwerp to reach the Antarctic Peninsular is special indeed. Why? Because of the Belgica Expedition. On August 16, 1897, the Belgian officer Adrien de Gerlache set sail from Antwerp to the White Continent. This was the last part of the world that hadn’t been properly discovered yet. It took the brave men six months to reach the coast of Graham Land, with a rather small ship, the Belgica.

They only had a couple of months to explore the area, to do scientific research and to do survey works. Did you know that many places on Antarctica have Belgian names, such as Flanders Bay or Lemaire Channel?

Because they arrived later than expected they were caught by the Antarctic winter. Suddenly the Belgica was trapped in the ice. The only solution was to wait until the next spring. By doing this, they were the first explorers to have spent the dark and extreme cold winter in the Antarctic.

This expedition was way beyond what we can imagine. On May 17, total darkness set in, and it lasted until July 23! They had to cope with the extreme cold, the lack of light and boredom, and with health issues. Eating penguin helped them to survive.

Not surprisingly the home front believed they all had perished. Until Belgica was back in Antwerp, on November 5, 1899.

Apart from next year’s date nothing was revealed about the Hanseatic Inspiration naming ceremony. We are pretty sure the historic link with the Belgica expedition will be somehow integrated in the event.

By the way, did you know that the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was on board of the Belgica too? He, of course, became famous for his own expeditions.

This rendering shows the marina configuration with the zodiac embarkation platform.

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