Rhine River Cruise Pricing Charts 2022

Rhine River Cruise Prices 2022 is part of a continuing series of comparison charts and articles featuring European River Cruises offered by world class river cruise lines. Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.

AmaSonata in the Rhine Gorge. © 2016 Ralph Grizzle

Comparison charts serve as a guide and attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions from our readers:

Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.

Why Cruise The Rhine?

After the Danube, the Rhine is Europe's next most-popular river for those looking to take a river cruise. With most departures sailing between Amsterdam, Netherlands and Basel, Switzerland in the south, Rhine river cruises can visit numerous countries in a single week, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Switzerland, with inland excursions that reach as far as Belgium, Luxembourg and The Hague.

What I've found that most people appreciate most about the Rhine:

Understanding The Pricing Charts

The prices in this chart are based on double occupancy. The upgrade costs for a cabin with a balcony are per person. The value of the incentive is broken down per day, per person. True per diem will include the savings of incentives/discounts offered at the time of research as well as the imputed value of items that are not included.

Prices and details reflect information available at the time of research. Cruise lines offer varying incentives with differing time limits or deadlines, and it is best to check with a travel agent or the cruise company's website. The incentives that are included in the charts were current at the time they were compiled and may no longer apply or there may be a new special offer.

ShipAmaSienaAvalon ExpressionCroisiEuropeCrystal BachEmerald StarEmily BronteScenic PearlMS GraceRiver EmpressEinar
Sailing DateJune 22, 2022June 21,2022June 25, 2022June 25, 2022June 30, 2022June 27, 2022June 15, 2022June 29, 2022June 25, 2022June 22, 2022
ItineraryEnchanting RhineRomantic RhineTreasues of the RhineRomantic RhineJewels of the RhineRhine Cruise To SwitzerlandRhine HighlightsRomantic RhineCastles Along the RhineRhine Getaway
Cabin CategoryCategory ECategory D,ECategory CS5Category EEmerald Deck SuiteCategory DCategory 1ClassicStandard F
Square Footage160172150188162183160150151150
Room With A View?WindowWindowWindowBalcony windowWindowWindowWindowWindowWindowWindow
Per diem$487$356$343$1,685$474$420$574$674$500$425
Port Charges$26$25Included$26IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded$25Included
Gratuities (on ship)$18$18$18IncludedIncluded$18IncludedIncludedIncluded$18
Gratuities (on shore)$2.50$2.50$2.50IncludedIncluded$2.50IncludedIncludedIncluded$2.50
Shore ExcursionsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Current IncentiveN/AN/AN/A$6,399$650N/AN/AN/AN/A$500
Value of IncentiveN/AN/AN/A$800$81N/AN/AN/AN/A$63
True Per Diem$537$404$438$912$393$463$574$674$525$383
Per Diem/Square Foot$3.36$2.35$2.92$4.85$2.43$2.53$3.59$4.49$3.48$2.55
Balcony Upgrade$1,699$1,349N/AN/A$641$640SOLD OUT$1,150$1,200$800
Balcony Per Diem$750$573N/AN/A$473$543N/A$818$675$483
Upgrade sq footage210200N/AN/A180183N/A190151135
Upgrade sq foot per diem$3.57$2.86N/AN/A$2.63$2.97N/A$4.30$4.47$3.58
Updated 7/22/2021

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