Covid Testing Challenges

Other countries are awash in Covid tests. The U.S. is not.

Where Are The Tests? 9/21/21 New York Times

Entry into the Netherlands presents a challenge. Negative Covid tests are required 48 hours before boarding if PCR or 24 hours if Rapid Diagnostic, even if you’re a vaccinated American. That’s because the United States is on the list of Very High Risk countries.

netherlands negative test requirements

However, local testing centers promise turnarounds of up to 72 hours if PCR and up to 24 hours if Rapid Diagnostic.

Not only was it difficult to find a place to get tested but also difficult to find a place to get tested 48 hours or 24 hours before my 10:30 p.m. flight on Saturday. I could not get tested 48 hours before. That would have been Thursday night. All centers were closed. I would have to wait until the next morning. It was the same with the Rapid Diagnostic test. 

I was only able to schedule my test for the morning on the day of my flight, with results promised within 24 hours. That's stressful.

It got worse. The pharmacy gave me the wrong test and said there was no way take another test. The clock was ticking.

But I ordered Rapid Diagnostic ...

Despite all the worry, I received my results one hour later.

Next stop, Atlanta!

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