Expectations Exceeded

Sometimes the more we travel on Seabourn the higher our expectations become. That said we found the service on this recent trip flawless. Here is one example. On our first night the six of us were at dinner in the dining room discussing, what else, food! I was saying that while I have been lucky enough to dine at some terrific restaurants all over the world in only one restaurant, my favorite, the Inn at Little Washington, has the following ever happened. As soon as I sit down to dinner one of the waiters immediately picks up on the fact that I am left handed and switches my place setting. The next morning at breakfast in the restaurant on Seabourn Pride as soon as I sat down one of the young waiters switched my silverware. Clearly our waiter from the night before overheard our conversation and passed it on to his fellow crew members. And from then on it almost became a game to see which of the waiters had gotten the word and would switch my silverware. Of course when my wine glasses were switched one evening when we were having three different wines with our dinner the sommelier was almost thrown off.