Cruise of a Lifetime

The whole crew was unbelievable. They treated you with such respect. We got to know a few and were able to talk with them and find out how they enjoyed working on this wonderful ship. Always smiling and helpful, they take great pride in being so dedicated.

Our suite was always pristine and the bed turned down every night. We had a beautiful balcony to watch the sunset and the incredible views prior to entering the different ports. The bed was comfortable and they always straightened our "stuff" that we'd pile in from a day in one of the many ports.

We enjoyed all the wonderful choices you had. We would even have wine tastings at our table. You could always eat poolside at one of the many tables that were outside. They would grill fresh Ahi sandwiches, hamburgers, blue cheese burgers, fresh salads…lots of drinks... non- alcoholic or alcoholic. We enjoyed both.

There were many things going all the time. They had dancers from Turkey perform on the ship and a Greek Feast. There was even a fresh caught (bib) swordfish and they cut the steaks out right in front of you and grilled them right there. Wow, what a tasty treat, along with stuffed grape leaves, fresh feta cheese, olives, salads, fresh sliced Ahi cooked rare like it's supposed to be. 

We had the best time of our lives. We will go on this or a similar trip next year and it will be aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises® matter what. We talked to others and they said Regent Seven Seas Cruises® WAS THE BEST THAT THEY EVER ENCOUNTERED. These were seasoned travelers so that's good enough for us. Don't chance it with someone else!