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"The Jewel of Southeast Asia" Many travelers come away from Laos with only a vague sense that they'd like to return and do so quickly before that special "something" is gone. Fear not, though, for change comes slowly here, and the genuine smiles of Laos' kind people endure. In Laos, travelers can enjoy some of Southeast Asia's most untamed natural beauty, kayak or trek in the back of beyond, experience ancient architectural wonders, enjoy the kindness and lightheartedness of Laos's unique hospitality, and experience Buddhist ritual and culture in a way that might add tranquility to your travels. It's an enchanting land that demands that you slow your pace to match its own. The beauty of Laos exists not only along the Mekong at sunset, but in smiles at the market or impromptu Laotian lessons on the street corner, things that are easily missed if you're in a hurry.

The Riches of the Mekong River
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