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Taking BackroadsWhy is Asia the perfect destination for an active itinerary?

In this part of the world, there’s so much to soak in. The art, the religion, the food, the history are all drastically different than what many Americans typically experience at home. My first trip to Asia was a Bali biking trip with Backroads. My husband and I were always the last to finish, not because we’re slow riders, but because we would make so many stops to take pictures of rice paddy fields, meet locals in fishing villages or head down dirt roads to visit little Buddhist temples. Walking or biking allows for you to slow down and absorb the nuances and experience a place with all of your senses.

Asia’s dynamic physical and cultural landscape is perfectly suited for active exploration. You can enjoy bustling Bangkok one day, and on the next, you’ll be biking along quiet roads out in remote villages, riding on an elephant or floating down a river on a traditional long boat.

Taking BackroadsWhat type of cultural experiences will guests enjoy?

Just to give a few examples: In Myanmar, you can eat lunch in a local home in Inle Lake or eat noodles with monks at a remote mountain monastery. In Thailand, a chef will teach you how to make a traditional meal of green curry, spring rolls and fish salad. During the China tour, you walk a seldom-visited stretch of the Great Wall. Throughout our ten years of going there, we have never seen another tour group. And in Bali, your expert guide welcomes you into his home to meet all of his relatives and witness the traditional Balinese family compound firsthand.

Do families ever travel together with you?

Absolutely! Active travel tours are best for children over the age of eight. I’ve taken my son and nephew on a biking trip, and they had an amazing time, with dedicated guides to keep them entertained and engaged. I love it because it’s a family vacation where I don’t need to do any of the planning and even though there are activities designed with kids in mind, you’re all together, so it’s great for family bonding.

Taking BackroadsHow do you handle various fitness levels?

Typically trips have two to three mileage options commencing on the same route but with different stopping points. There’s no set pace for any of the groups, so guides sweep back and forth between travelers. If you decide you’ve had enough for the day at any point, there are two support vans to make it easier to accommodate a variety of endeavors. Plus, there are a lot of outings that everyone enjoys together, which have nothing to do with physical endurance. More often it’s a matter of appetite. We do a lot of eating!

Whether you prefer walking, biking or multisport tours with activities ranging from kayaking to snorkeling, let us help you determine which itinerary is right for you. And with Backroads’ new trips in Bali, Vietnam & Cambodia and Thailand, you have added options for the ultimate active approach to Asia.

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