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Butterfield & Robinson

Burgundy with Butterfield & Robinson

To Burgundian locals, time is measured by the season. For B&R, it's by the kilometer, the meal and the vintage.

What is the B&R Difference?

They certainly travel in style and comfort, but that’s not what makes their trips so memorable.

There’s so much more to B&R than the high thread count of your sheets. This kind of luxury takes you to a place you never knew existed. It’s a feeling of freedom. A feeling of exuberance. A feeling like you don’t need a watch or a wallet and you haven’t a care in the world. Wherever B&R travels, they delve deep into the heart of the local culture, your meals are some of the best in your life, and your sleeps every bit as delicious. But this merely sets the stage for the magical, ineffable part of B&R—the moments of discovery—and self-discovery—that you’ll never, ever forget.

The B&R difference is the best biking and walking routes in the world’s most incredible places. It’s the most capable and genuinely friendly guides you’ll find anywhere. It’s the most interesting hotels the region has to offer. It’s amazing culinary experiences. It’s state-of-the-art equipment, great wines at dinner, a water bottle that’s always filled, route suggestions you won’t find in any guidebook, et cetera! Are you starting to get the picture?

The Right Stuff

B&R prides itself on having the very best equipment for each activity and locale, maintained by expert staff and custom tweaked just for you. They include everything you could possibly need, from bikes and helmets to walking sticks, so you can focus on the experience at hand.

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