Culinary Cruises

When you choose a culinary cruise, you’ll not only eat and drink well—you will be transported. Cruises bring you to the very places and ports where some of the world’s most exotic dishes can be found. And on a culinary-themed cruise, you are introduced to every aspect of cuisine.

Shore Excursions

A shore excursion on a culinary-themed cruise is unlike any other. It involves much more than a simple stroll through the local farmer’s market, or a quick bite to eat at a nearby café. It’s a truly immersive experience that not only lets you taste, what you see, but gives you a clearer picture of the local food and wine culture and everything that went into creating that vintage or specialty dish. It’s about making your own wine from the local grapes in Chile.
It’s about hearing the story and history behind a beloved—and adopted-- national dish like chicken tikka masala in London. It’s about being invited to the table of a local family in Alaska to enjoy a home cooked meal of the fresh salmon you caught that day. It’s about conversing with the vendors at the local market, and hearing their stories. It’s about watching—and learning—from some of the world’s finest chefs as they demonstrate the techniques and savor that made them the masters.
Shore excursion options can customize your cruise experience even further. On Oceania, for example, culinary discovery tours bring you up close and personal with the food of the region. In Barcelona, Oceania passengers enjoy a full day of epicurean adventures from a Spanish olive oil tasting and shopping at the Santa Caterina Market, followed by an exquisite lunch at an award-winning tapas restaurant. With Uniworld’s Epicurean Adventurer program, you can experience one-of-a-kind culinary experiences such as a special Bulgarian honey- and yogurt-making demonstration in Arbanassi and a tasting of salty pogasca and plum brandy on Szentendre Island. These are the kind of hidden gem experiences that make your cruise one-of-a-kind.

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