Cruising takes on a whole new meaning when it’s done in grand style. That means white-glove service, spectacular vistas, the most sumptuous suites, gourmet dining, and even a private car and driver for your shore excursions. Whether you cruise the Mediterranean on an intimate yacht or around the globe onboard a luxury liner, we can help create the ideal cruise vacation just for you.

Types of Cruising

Today’s luxury cruises are truly elevated as never before. They encompass exceptionally attentive and personalized butler services, private sun and pool decks, gourmet dining, complimentary caviar and champagne, VIP access areas, spacious suites and sophisticated itineraries that appeal to travelers who seek new, exciting and stimulating adventures abroad. Wherever you wish to set sail, a luxury cruise will ensure that you travel in grand style, and the variety of available sailings is as vast as the open sea. 
Small-Ship Cruises
If you prefer a more intimate sailing experience, you might consider cruising on a small ship. Smaller vessels allow you to explore the seas in a more intimate setting with a small group of fellow cruisers as you sail to some of the world’s most beautiful locales, many of which are less-frequented, off-the-beaten-path ports and just because these are smaller ships does not mean that you are limited by the available amenities, either. Indulge with gourmet meals, outstanding staterooms and VIP service all included.
River Cruises
Smaller ships also ply the rivers of Europe, Asia and South America, bringing you closer to some of the most exciting locales in the world. River cruise vessels offer many of the same amenities available on larger ships—spas, pool decks, fitness rooms, opulent staterooms with balconies, fine dining and excellent shore excursions. The beauty of a river cruise lies in its intimacy and accessibility: Imagine waking up each day to the smells of a local riverside bakery, or hearing the faint laughter of locals as they cycle past your ship. Envision yourself strolling along the river banks as you take in the sights and local delicacies. Each day on a river cruise promises new adventures, new ports and new experiences just waiting to be discovered.
Ocean Cruises
Whether you choose to sail on a midsize ship or a larger one, bliss awaits you wherever you set sail. Larger vessels, from midsize to ocean liner size, possess all of the amenities you seek—pampering spas, exquisite meals and upscale shore excursions. Here, the comforts lie in the levels of exceptional, personalized service you’ll receive, as well the exclusive access you’ll enjoy, whether lounging at a VIP pool deck or enjoying the sights from your suite’s private balcony. 

Planning Your Vacation

Choosing the right type of luxury cruise—the one with the right itinerary, amenities and levels of service—is key. The nearly all-inclusive nature of cruising means that almost everything will be taken care of. All you need to do is let us help you sort through the options and help you choose the right cruise for you.

When planning your cruise, you should take a close look at each individual ship’s features and available amenities. Many newer vessels have more facilities than ever before. It’s not uncommon to find state-of-the-art fitness centers, elaborate spas, fine dining, relaxation lounges and more. When considering your accommodations, you may want to look at available suite upgrades and staterooms that offer stunning views, private balconies and butler service.

Selecting the right cruise line and ship is a crucial variable in the planning puzzle. The best cruise vacations are those that exceed your expectations above and beyond what you thought was possible. Not all luxury lines and not all ships are created equal. With our help, you can decide which ship, type of cruise and line works best for you. Personal service, available shore excursions, activities and exclusive facilities are also important factors to consider.

Destination options for your luxury cruise are as wide and varied as the ships themselves. Cruise itineraries cater to all interests and appeal to travelers with discerning tastes and interests. If you seek a cruise that emphasizes gourmet food and wine, you may want to consider a river cruise along the Seine. If you seek an escape to paradise and tranquility, you may want to consider a cruise to the South Pacific. If you want to explore rich Western history and culture, Europe is a must. The possibilities are endless…which is where we come in to assist you.

Shore Excursions

What you do while you’re in port is just as important—and memorable—as what you do onboard the ship. When deciding on your cruise vacation, it is essential to pick a vessel and an itinerary that offers you unique, prime access to some of the world’s most vibrant destinations.

That means private invites to celebrity chef-prepared dinners; backstage passes to the opera; panoramic helicopter rides; intimate, expert-led small group walking tours of ancient cities and impressive museums; rare opportunities to tee off on legendary links; sommelier-led wine tours through vast vineyards. The possibilities are limitless and we can customize it for you.

More and more luxury cruise lines offer themed cruises that revolve around a special interest or topic, from cultural enrichment and food and wine to fitness and sports to music, fashion and theater. If you decide to sail on a special themed cruise, you can expect to find an array of shore excursions tailored exclusively to your personal interests.

Epicurean cruisers, for example, can delight in shore excursions that not only introduce but immerse them into the food and wine cultures of the destinations they visit through professional chef-led cooking classes and demonstrations, or even hosted dinners with a local family. Sports enthusiasts can take part in active adventures around the globe, from hiking to golf. Cruisers who seek edification in music and theater can indulge in exquisite performances on some of the world’s grandest stages.

If you find that the shore excursions offered by a particular line or ship aren’t exactly what you had in mind, we are here to help you customize the perfect activity by arranging a private tour or excursion. We can also arrange private car and driver services for your personal, private shore excursion and post transfers. All you need to do is ask.

Pre/Post Hotel Stays

In order to enjoy the full cruise vacation experience, there’s no better way than to book a pre- and/or post-cruise hotel stay. It’s an idyllic, restful way to make the most of your journey and to experience a port to the fullest.

Arriving a few days before your cruise embarks on its journey allows you to ease into your vacation, acclimate to any time differences and, most importantly, it allows you to explore a new or favorite destination in more detail. The majority of cruise homeports, both domestic and international, offer vibrant landscapes, rich cultures and sophisticated activities for you to engage in. Likewise, staying a few days after your cruise disembarks does much the same, giving you even more time to explore new places and to extend your cruise vacation.

With our knowledgeable help and expertise, you can choose among the best hotels and resorts from around the globe. Are you seeking rest and relaxation? Consider a sun-drenched resort on a private beach where you can get away from it all. Do you want to explore the history and architecture of a place by foot? Consider an exquisite, historic boutique property in the heart of a European capital city. Looking for a rustic yet glamorous retreat off the beaten path? Consider a luxury camp or lodge in Africa.

We can also assist in planning activities and excursions both pre- and post-cruise, from private sightseeing tours to exhilarating adventures in the air. Whatever you decide to do, by booking a pre- or post-cruise stay, you open yourself up to even more opportunities for enlightenment, excitement, adventure and serenity during your sojourn.

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