There are many worlds to Seabourn. 
There’s the world of ultra-luxury – where space is generous and crowds are few. Where names and wine orders are remembered, preferences noted, and wishes granted before they are spoken. And then there is the world of adventure – a game of hide and seek with the treasures of our planet. Walking on the blue ice of the Antarctic. Camel rides across Dubai. Hidden ports, street markets, wine tasting, whale watching, every day a chance at another breathtaking moment. No one else is as skilled at bringing these two worlds together. No one else navigates them so effortlessly. Elegant adventure. Luxury unbound. Every voyage is a journey through the extraordinary worlds of Seabourn.

What Does It Take To Venture?
In select ports of call, a new series of optional Ventures by Seabourn™ excursions, guided by Seabourn’s very own expedition team, invites you to explore spectacular destinations on exhilarating sea-level adventures. Launching from a unique water sports Marina aboard Seabourn’s fleet of sturdy, Zodiac inflatable boats or paddling in double sea kayaks, these adventures will vary depending on your itinerary, but include thrills such as cruising picturesque fjords and waterways, trekking on scenic islands, viewing birds, seals, whales and other wildlife up-close, and surveying massive, white-blue icebergs.

Ventures are easy and fun; no experience is required.
Venture in small groups for a more personal experience.
All equipment is provided – venture rain or shine.

The Grill by Thomas Keller

The Grill by Thomas Keller focuses on updated versions of iconic dishes. In The Grill’s elegant dining room, guests enjoy Caesar salad and ice cream sundaes, classics from the American chophouse and a range of other steakhouse favorites like Lobster Thermidor and creamed spinach. The timeless menu draws on many artisan purveyors. A cocktail program and wine list of domestic and Old World labels complements the menu.

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