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It’s time to begin a new story. One that surrounds you with the finest luxury the world has to offer, while presenting you a world of new experiences in every port. Like all good stories, yours will begin with a blank page. It’s yours to fill. Which style of cruising appeals to your spirit? Glide confidently through the Arctic Ocean or sail into hidden harbors on a yacht-like expedition. No matter how you choose to sail — ocean vessel or yacht — all-inclusive opulence is always part of your experience.

Crystal Cruises' 25th Annual World Cruise

Embark on an epic adventure through the Southern Hemisphere and beyond, exploring fascinating lands that will captivate your curiosity, tantalize your senses, and warm your soul with sun-drenched wonders. On a journey of discovery throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans, and into the Tasman, Andaman and Mediterranean seas, uncover the marvels of man and treasures of Mother Nature, from the Panama Canal to the Great Barrier Reef. Relish the welcoming joie de vivre of idyllic French Polynesian isles. Allow the majestic fjords of New Zealand to stir your inner adventurer. Go walkabout the Australian Outback and delve into the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sri Lanka. Dip your toes into the cultural melting pot of India, and follow the path of legendary empires in Arabia. This 105-day odyssey weaves a vibrantly colored tapestry of traditions, flavors and enrichment that will leave you speechless as each destination unveils its own story.

Crystal Esprit™ with Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises™
Embrace the intimacy of a boutique hotel on the high seas when you sail on Crystal Esprit™, Crystal Yacht Cruises' new yacht. Made for just 62 discerning travelers, your refined experience is anchored by all-suite accommodations and personal butler service.

Revel in the chance to explore colorful oceanic life from your upright seat in a piloted submersible U-boat. One of only four of its kind in the world, this two-passenger capsule plunges you up to 100 feet underwater. Surrounded in total comfort, you’ll come closer than you ever imagined to the marine life of the Indian Ocean and the Adriatic Sea — viewed through an acrylic hull with a 360-degree perspective. Coveted by researchers, filmmakers and photographers alike, this exhilarating experience offers a truly once-in-a-lifetime perspective of the undersea world.

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