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Generously staffed to provide you with individualized care and attention, the Silversea all-inclusive experience is unlike any other. Everything on board is arranged to emphasize the importance of your comfort, from personalized butler service to gourmet dining inspired by Relais & Châteaux®. Whether your journey leads to the ancient ruins in Ephesus or traversing the volcanic archipelago of the Galápagos on an expedition cruise, you’ll treasure every moment with Silversea.

Silver Shore – Exceptional Excursions, Haute Hotels and More
Silversea provides meaningful and authentic travel experiences by offering unique insider insight on popular attractions as well as exciting discoveries of the unusual. The Silver Shore program offers a comprehensive array of customized tours and special services so that your can fully design your time ashore. Explore the world from a more personal perspective aboard the ships of Silversea.

Silversea Expeditions 
Whether it’s attending a briefing, exploring by Zodiac©, or hiking on terra firma, an expedition cruise with Silversea will immerse you immediately in your destination. One day you could be snorkeling with sea turtles, the next day blazing a trail through an old growth rain forest while long-tailed macaques screech overhead.

Every moment can amaze: a Wandering Albatross lifting its enormous wings to take flight, a whale so close you can count the barnacles on its back. Silversea Expeditions’ complimentary activities guarantee close-up encounters with a region’s unique flora and fauna, its most remote landscapes and habitats … and with the insight of expert guides who are always at hand.

This is the joy of expedition cruising. Incredible scenery awakens the photographer, wild adventure beckons the explorer, close-up encounters with Stone Age cultures await the adventure traveler. No matter what your special interest, there’s an expedition with Silversea that can satisfy your passion for true discovery in a highly personal and immersive way.

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