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Europe: Action Adventure Travel

The allure of Europe lies in its timeless landscapes, quiet country roads, storied history and mesmerizing architecture. It is a collection of cultures, traditions and experiences unique unto this vast and varied land.

Discover treasures of medieval villages perched on hillsides cloaked with dark forests. Listen to fountains splash in sunny squares or waves sweeping the shore. Walk along old pilgrimage routes past roadside crosses and tiny chapels or follow in artists’ footsteps through seaside towns and glittering resorts. Pass through gates of a mighty châteaux looming on impossible cliffs and stone doorways leading to flower-filled courtyards. Follow ancient Roman roads around majestic snow-capped peaks and listen to cowbells clank across Alpine meadows. Meander past olive groves, vineyards and fields of sunflowers. Savor famous wines in lively cafés or gather picnic offerings of olives, cheeses and cured meats. Marvel at ancient architecture and hidden passageways. Contemplate masterpieces of art in monastery cloisters and magnificent cathedrals. Get lost in the romance and scenery that makes Europe a destination to relish.

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