• Australia Uncovered

    Australia Uncovered

    Walk among huge water-sculptured granite boulders and picnic with a pack of kangaroos and wallabies. Marvel at the magnificent Ayers Rock, a sight sure to overwhelm all of your senses as you begin to understand why it's so treasured by the local cultures. End your adventure in the iconic city of Sydney as you explore the famed sights and landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
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  • The Hemingway Wing Safari

    The Hemingway Wing Safari

    The Hemingway Wing Safari is a tribute, not only to Africa’s tendency to grab hold of our hearts, but also to the old-fashioned and cozy safaris of Hemingway’s time, with three tented camps (a little more luxurious than in Ernest’s day, but he was never one to avoid intelligently offered luxury), good looks at East Africa’s most legendary game parks (and a couple of lesser-known gems), and five swooping flights that bring us into great intimacy with Africa’s landscapes.
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