Passports: For international travel you are required to have a passport for your cruise and tours. In most cases, passports must be valid for six months after the scheduled return date from the trip. Some itineraries will require visas; consult the itinerary for your trip or contact the consulate for the country you will be visiting. Allow plenty of time before your departure date for passport and visa processing. Each guest is fully responsible for obtaining and carrying the travel documents necessary for his or her travel itinerary.

Passenger Information Form: Your cruise operator will provide you with a Passenger Information Form, which must be completed. The information on this form is used to comply with certain foreign government and airline security restrictions in advance of your arrival onboard ship.

Travel Protection: Your tour professional strongly recommends that each guest purchase a Travel Protection Plan. Carry all policy information with you during the course of your trip.

Other Essential Documents (may vary slightly by cruise operator):

  • Cruise ticket
  • Passenger ticket contract (binding on each guest)
  • Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
  • Baggage tags
  • Travel protection plan documents
  • Pre-/post- optional cruise extension information, if applicable

The Mekong River:

You'll need more than your passport to cruise the Mekong. Some cruises, in fact, require a multi-entry visa for Vietnam and a single-entry visa for Cambodia. It may be processed and purchased on the ship for a fee, so please check with your travel advisor.

Why a multi-entry visa for Vietnam? If you cruise from Vietnam into Cambodia, then fly back to Vietnam for your flight home, you’ll need a multi-entry visa. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) has far more air connections to the rest of the world than does its Cambodian counterparts. There are good instructions for obtaining visas at the Vietnam Embassy’s website if you’d like to read more about it.

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