Food is one of the most universal, and beautiful, means of human expression offering insight into different cultures, traditions and people. When you travel on a culinary-themed vacation you don’t just visit a place—you savor it. 


Can a culinary-themed cruise or vacation accommodate my food allergies?
In most cases, yes. Be sure to mention any food allergies or preferences that you or your traveling companions may have when planning your vacation with us and we can assist to ensure that you not only eat and drink well on your trip, but also do so safely.
What should I pack?
What you should pack will be determined by the destination, the itinerary and what your tour operator and/or hotel/resort can provide. If you’re planning to take a holiday river cruise through Europe to experience its famed Christmas markets and their array of local foods and sweets, you will want to bring much warmer clothing and, perhaps, an extra suitcase for any souvenirs or gifts acquired along the way. We can also help you find out more from the tour operator as to what is provided and what is not. To make sure that your luggage arrives on time, we can also make arrangements to have your bags forwarded to your trip address ahead of time, saving you any worry over lost luggage.
Will I have phone or Internet access while traveling abroad?
Accessibility to phone and/or Internet access is generally not a problem; most hotels, resorts and cruise vessels worldwide will have some sort of available phone or Internet access available to travelers. Many airlines are also now beginning to adopt technology that allows you to access the Internet wirelessly in-flight. Some exceptions do apply in certain destinations and regions. For example, if you are traveling on safari in a remote region of Africa, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to use your mobile phone or access the Internet.
International mobile phone usage also depends on your service provider. Often, you may also be able to find mobile phones that are available for rent at major international airports for very reasonable rates. To ensure that you do not incur any international roaming charges, you should also consult with your mobile phone service provider before you embark on your vacation.

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