Expo 2020 Dubai: Discover the World's Fair
Expo 2020 Dubai brings the world together in one space with 192 country pavilions, over 100 restaurants, and an entertainment calendar to keep you entirely occupied. It is an exhilarating global stage that will showcase the best of design, innovation, architecture, culture and technology from around the world!

Visit the World Fair, Expo 2020 Dubai: From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.


Title Destination Rating Nights Travel
Offer ID
11-­night ­City ­Lights, ­Safari ­Sights & ­Dubai ­with ­Expo: ­Cape ­Town, ­Pilanesberg ­National ­Park & ­Dubai
Land Only
South Africa/
Deluxe 11 01/06/22 - 03/20/22
$2,649 1441043
5-­night ­Signature ­Dubai ­with ­Expo ­2020 ­Dubai
Land Only
Dubai Deluxe 5 10/01/21 - 03/26/22
$2,599 1441044
Abu ­Dhabi & ­Expo ­2020 ­Dubai ­Stopover ­Experience
Land Only
Dubai Deluxe 0 10/01/21 - 03/31/22
Call for Pricing 1444630
5-­Nights ­Expo ­2020 ­Dubai ­Premium ­Package - ­Burj ­Al ­Arab
Land Only
Dubai Deluxe 5 10/01/21 - 03/31/22
Call for Pricing 1444637
5-­Nights ­Expo ­2020 ­Dubai ­Premium ­Package - ­Jumeirah ­Al ­Naseem
Land Only
Dubai Deluxe 5 10/01/21 - 03/31/22
Call for Pricing 1444647
5-­Nights ­Expo ­2020 ­Dubai ­Premium ­Package - ­Taj ­Dubai
Land Only
Dubai Deluxe 5 10/01/21 - 03/31/22
Call for Pricing 1444650

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